Dear HomeLink Members,

At the moment many of you may be concerned about the Coronavirus and the impact that may have on your HomeLinking travel plans and those of your Exchange Partner. HomeLink therefore suggests the following:

a) that you first consider your own personal situation e.g. age, medical condition, the virus situation in the country you have arranged an exchange etc.,

b) discuss these considerations with your Exchange Partner and try to reach an arrangement as to how best to deal with the exchange keeping in mind all local advice from the Health Authority and the Government.

Given this unprecedented occurrence, rest assured that whatever agreement you reach with your Exchange Partner, there will be no negative consequences in relation to your membership with HomeLink.

Please don’t hesitate contacting us if you would like to discuss this further.  We are all in this together and we are here to help!  Our email address:

Be well and take care.
Karl & Katie


HomeLink does not have a “points” or “balloon” system or a pay-per-night system, instead preferring the traditional home-exchange between two trusting families which often lead to long-term friendship. Established in 1953, HomeLink House Exchange offers outstanding customer support while maintaining a reasonable membership fee of $99 per annum with frequent reduced rate offers. We observe the highest ethical standards and provide the personal attention so hard to find in the modern world. We don’t display lapsed or dormant listings to boost numbers; just genuine, active members, seeking an exchange. We will not automatically charge your card at renewal time nor will we attempt to shift you into a more expensive option. We offer a full one month trial membership free-of-charge but, unlike others, do not require a credit card to enroll. If you do not get an exchange in your 1st year, the 2nd year is free.


HomeLink House Exchange has offices in major cities worldwide, all with English speaking representatives ready to provide local assistance and guidance throughout your exchange experience. Our community has always been about far more than just low cost vacations. We are about bringing people together to enjoy a truly unique vacation experience! We welcome you to discover how after more than half a century, (65 Years!), HomeLink remains committed to providing the best possible home exchange experience for our members. We are here to help you every step of the way! Just ask! Find out more about home exchange at our Visitors Area.

• Highest percentage of European Members
• Worldwide English-speaking support to members
• On-line exchange agreement and evaluation forms
• Mediation service
• If you do not get an exchange in your 1st year, the 2nd year is free
• Proprietary internal messaging system