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Dates & Destinations

Edit Our Dates and Destinations

1. Log into the site

2. Click on your name in upper right corner of the page

3. Select “Our Dates and Destinations” from the drop down selection menu.

4. Scroll down to the “Requesting specific dates destinations” area to enter the multiple destinations you are seeking. You can enter up to three destinations for each set.

Viewing Dates and Destinations at Search Results

The Dates & Destinations are found just beneath the photos of a listing and are titled, “We are looking for” section at the search results.

Editing Your Listing

1.  After logging into the site, click on your name in the upper right corner of the page after logging in and select “Our Listing(s)” from the drop down list.

This brings you to your “Home Location” page where you will see the map location of your home.  At the top of this page you will see other links for this “Our Listing(s)” edit section (Our Home, Neighbourhood, Attractions, Our Preferences).  The different types of exchanges you are open to are found on the “Our Preferences” page.

4.  After making changes to any of these pages, be sure to click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of each page.

Please Note:  Once your listing has sufficient content to publish in our search function after clicking the “Save” button, the changes made will be automatically saved to your published listing and you will be directed back to your Dashboard page.

Favorite Places

To save you time in having to describe your area attractions, we have added the ability to enter specific website addresses of your favorite places. These website fields are found on the “Attractions” (at “Our Listing(s)”) and “Family Profile” page. The fastest way to enter these places is to go to their websites then copy/paste their respective website addresses in the appropriate fields. Don’t forget to click “Save & continue” at the bottom of the page after entering this information

Alternate way to Navigate various places of your listing

1. Click on your name found in the top right corner of the homepage after logging in.

2. Choose where you want to go (Our Listing(s), Dashboard, Messages, etc)

Exchange Agreement Form

To navigate to the link to create an EAF:
1.  Login

2.  Click the envelope icon found to the left of your name at the upper right corner of the page

3.  Click into the conversation with your future exchange partner by clicking on the location text or image of your exchange partner.

4.  Click the button “CREATE AGREEMENT FORM”  found in between the photos of your home and your exchange partner’s home and follow the prompts from there. 

TIP: Be sure to read the various instructions found throughout the form content as an aid in properly completing the form.

The EAF system will send notices to your personal email accounts along the way with further instructions.

TIP:   To keep the form in the edit mode, continue to click ‘Save, Comment & Submit” button at the bottom of the page.  Once both parties click the  “Validate” button the form will be finalized preventing further editing.

Print/Save Validated (Finalized) Agreement

Once both parties have validated the EAF, to save as a .pdf doc to your computer:
1.  After logging in, click on your name in the upper right corner
2.  Select “Our Exchanges” from the pull down selection list.  There you will see the EAF you have created.3.  Click  “see the agreement form”, which should auto-download a .pdf to your computer’s desktop.
TIP: Each web browser acts a little different, so if it doesn’t automatically download to your computer, once you are viewing the EAF, you should be able to save it as a .pdf from there.

Hide/Publish” your listing

1.  Go to your Dashboard by clicking the person silhouette found in the upper right corner of the homepage (to the left of your name) after logging in.

2.  Scroll down the Dashboard page looking on the left side to where you see a photo of your home under the heading “OUR LISTING(S)”

3.  Click “Hide”, found just beneath the green listing content completion bar.  This is a toggle link, so when you want to show it again, follow steps 1 & 2 above, this time clicking “publish”.

Log In

1.  Go to:

2.  Click “Log In…” in upper right corner of page

3.  Enter email address and password for your HomeLink account.  You can change both of these after logging in.  The links to do so are at your “Family Profile” page.

Forgot Your Password

Click the “Forgotten your password?” link found under the password field at the login page.  Enter your email address and send.  You should receive an email instructing you to change your password.

You will ultimately be sent back to the website already logged in (you know you are logged in when you see your names in the upper right corner of the page.   Please note, new password will require at least 8 characters and are case sensitive.

Change your Password

1.  Navigate to your Family Profile page (via clicking on your name in the upper right corner and selecting “Family Profile OR by clicking the person silhouette icon taking you to your Dashboard and then click “Family Profile” in blue bar across top of page)

2.  At your Family Profile page, click the link to change your password and follow the prompts from there.

Messaging: Read/Reply/View Sender's Listing

The envelope icon (to the left of your name in the upper right corner of page) takes you to your messaging area. Once members write to you &/or you to them, these “Conversations” are listed here.

HomeLink sends you automated notifications to your personal email address, alerting you of receiving a message at your HomeLink Inbox.

You can also reply to messages received through the “Reply” link in the notification.

TIP:  Next time you login to the site, check the “Remember me” option just below the password field.  Then you are taken directly to the message to reply to (from the notification) vs. having to log in each time.

Access/read/reply to messages & view sender’s listing at the new site:
1.  Click on the envelope icon to the left of your name at top right of page.  This brings you to your messages area.

2.  Click on the thumbnail photo or location text corresponding to the sender at your Inbox

This brings you to a blank text box (located beneath the photos of your home and the sender’s home) to enter/send your message.  Here you can also navigate to the sender’s listing by clicking on their photo that is present.

This is also where you “Create an Exchange Agreement Form”, if you choose to do so.

Unanswered Offers

We have introduced a new folder to your messaging area for unanswered offers. This will help you keep track of the new exchange offers received in order for you to respond in a timely manner and keep your Response Rate at 100%.

Tip: You do not have to reply to the message, unless it is a first time exchange request to you. If the message is not an unanswered offer, simply clicking into the conversation to read the entire message sent, is sufficient to be able to delete it.

Tip: You can reply to unanswered offers from either your “My Conversations” or “Unanswered Offers” folder. The conversation will be automatically removed from the “Unanswered Offers” folder once your reply is sent.

Tip: When you receive a reply to an existing conversation, you will see a blinking envelope icon and number “(1)” to the right of “Unanswered Offers” or any other folder title that contains the conversation corresponding to the new message received.

Search Function

Perform a Search

TIP:  We recommend starting with a broad search, entering/selecting a Destination city or country first in “Where do you want to go?…” field and then click the magnifying glass to far right. Below are instructions for a Destination search using “Netherlands, Amsterdam” as the Destination:

1.  begin entering “Netherlands” in the “Where do you want to go?” field on our homepage and then select “Netherlands, Amsterdam” from the drop down list provided.

The Google-based search requires selecting your destination from the drop-down selection list.

2.  click the magnifying glass icon
This will show you the Amsterdam results on the side-by-side Map/List view.

If your results are too numerous, use the various advanced search parameters found through the “More Filters” button at the top of the page.

3.  zoom in on the map by clicking on the circles with numbers (or with the zoom bar on left of screen).  Once you see a blank tear drop icon without numbers, this indicates a single listing.  You can click into the listing from this map view to see it in its entirety/send your request.

Tip:  After you click into a listing to view it and then you want to return to the map/list results, scroll to the top right side above the listing you are viewing and click “Back to search results”. 

Tip:  If you want to return to your search results after sending a message to a member, click the “< Back” link found in the upper right of the message area and then click the “Back to search results” link.

You can also choose to view the results from the “List View”.  To do so:

4.  click the “List View” icon found just above the map/list on the right. 

This will sort the results starting from the center of Amsterdam and work outward with each subsequent page of results. 

To contact a member after clicking into a listing from the search results:
5.  Click the envelope icon link to the right of the main photo.
This takes you to a blank text box where you will see a photo of your listing and their listing photo just above this box. (this is also a link to their listing for further viewing)
6.  Enter your message in blank text box
7. Click “Send”
Return to Search Results
1. Click web browser back arrow to return to view of listing
2.  Click “Return to search results” in upper right area above listing view

Reverse Search

The Reverse Search field is a secondary search field that appears with the search results after a simple destination search from our homepage.

The Reverse Search field is found just to the right of the “Your Destination” field at the top of the search results page and is titled, “Location of you home”. 

Follow the instructions for a simple destination search using “Netherlands, Amsterdam” as an example.  If you wish to use the reverse search field, after performing the destination search, simply begin entering “Your Location” in the field referenced above, select “Your Location, United States” from the drop down list that will appear and then click “Search” found just to the right of this area.

Further, if you wish to narrow these secondary results, omitting those listings that have entered only “Open to all offers”, select “Exclude “Open to Anywhere” found to the left of the List and Map view icons in the upper right above the results.   That said, taking this final step to further narrow your results might decrease your chances in finding an exchange in that it removes those listings that are truly open to all offers received, so have not entered specific destinations for their listing.

Search for a Specific Listing

The new system uses member last names or HomeLink Membership Numbers to search for specific listings.  This “People Search” field is found on the home page after logging into the site.
Enter the member’s last name or HomeLink Member Number and click “Search”.

Spam: Add HomeLink Email Addresses

If our emails and notifications are being recognized as spam (or junk mail) by your mail server, please add the following email addresses to your email account’s Contacts list (or Address Book).
Also, please check your spam folder and if you see any of our notifications there, mark them as “not spam” and then you can delete them from your Inbox.

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