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Dear HomeLink Member,

Summer is upon us as we enjoy our busiest season for home swapping. With this in mind we have included some helpful information about our online Exchange Agreement Form system under our “Just A Reminder” section.

There has been an up tick in inquiries about our search function, so we have addressed the frequently asked question we receive at under “Helpful Hints”.

We continue working on our new site and are committed to having a site we that all will enjoy. The transition to the new site learning curve continues for many and please know we are here to help anyway we can!

Please see our “HomeLinker Stories” for a couple refreshing tales of home exchange travel.

Finally, we want to let you know that Karl and I are taking a short “Summer Break” this coming week and won’t be available by phone until Tuesday, August 18th at 10am Eastern Time.

If you need our assistance prior to the 18st, please send us an email to as we will continue answering emails daily.

We wish you well and look forward to a productive and successful home exchange season.



Your Friends,
Karl & Katie



Just a Reminder…

Exchange Agreement Forms:  Please consider creating an exchange agreement form for your exchanges. They are very helpful in clarifying and confirming various details of your exchange. Further our new Exchange Agreement Form system is linked to prompting you to complete an Exchange Evaluation Form and add Guest Comments to your Exchange Partner’s listing once your exchange is complete.

Although not all members choose to complete our online agreement forms, we encourage you to use our new system to take advantage of following-through with evaluating your exchange online.

Click here for some instructions and explanation of our Exchange Agreement System

At the help page click “Exchange Agreement Form


HomeLinker Stories…

Our first entry is from a very creative and extremely talented HomeLink USA Member who published this project for Our Enjoyment! Thank you very much for sharing this, Bob & Diana! They write:

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers to whom this may be of interest,

After returning last fall from our most recent home exchange in Croatia, Diana suggested I make a book of my sketches during our travels in Europe over the last twenty years.  The objective was to heighten the interest of my children and grandchildren in expanding their horizons.  Friends who have seen the preliminary draft suggested that others might find such a book of interest as well.  In February 2015, I made use of an independent publishing platform, to produce a 122-page, hard cover (Image Wrap) book, entitled On & Off The Road.  It consists of some 293 European Travel Sketches  I did over the past twenty years.  It contains a narrative of our adventures,  and introduces people we have met on and off the road  in Europe.   It also highlights the more than two dozen home exchanges we have enjoyed through the auspices of Homelink International, which we have used since 1999.

If you wish to preview the book on-line you will have to go to:

Under my book’s title, you can
(a)  Preview the entire book by selecting Preview
(b)  If you wish to purchase it select the underlined title itself

As Hans Christian Andersen said in his autobiography, “To travel is to live”.
Hope you are all living well,  Bob & Diana”


Our second story (please click the link below) is an entertaining story from a longtime member of ours (HomeLinker since 1995) where, to her total surprise, arranged an exchange in Australia! You can check that off your bucket list, Emily!

Australia Surprise!


Helpful Hints…

Erroneous Results with a Destination Search:  We have had a number of reports lately of receiving erroneous search results when searching for a specific destination. To begin, we recommend starting with a broad search by filling in only the destination, “Where” field and then “OK”. If the search results are too numerous, then go to the Advanced Search criteria to narrow the results.

Also, erroneous results are usually the result of the User not selecting their destination from the drop-down selection menu. The Google-based search requires selecting your destination from the drop-down selection list.

Click here for instructions for a Destination search using “Paris” as the Destination:

At the help page click “Search Function” > “Perform a Search


Your Photos:  Although the photos appear cropped &/or distorted from your photo album and “Preview” views, they do appear properly when viewed through our search function. Further, re-introducing the ability re-order your photos online is on our short list for improvements. In the meantime, please send us your photos as attachments to emails and we will upload them for you, properly ordering them.


Viewing Your Listing Through the Search Function:  Currently, you cannot view your listing through the search function while logged into your listing.  You can view it through the search function before logging in.

You know you are logged in when you see your name in the upper right corner of the page.  To log out, click on your name and select “Log out” from the drop down menu.


IT Update…

HomeLink Legacy Site:  The Legacy site will remain until we are confident our members no longer need it. According to the usage logs for the Legacy Site, there are few members who are still accesing the site. If this downward trend continues, we are tentatively planning on taking the site down by the end of 2015.

Therefore, please take some time over the coming months to access your listing at the Legacy Site to transfer any exchange agreements, messages, member contact information, etc. to your computer for your long term reference. We will update you in our Fall newsletter on our plans for taking down the site.

Access the legacy site at:  You log in with your HomeLink Member Number and password used at the old site. If you need this login info, please send us a request at

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