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Fall 2014 edition of HomeLink Home Exchange Connection!

We are pleased to announce our new website launch is right around the corner! In preparation of the launch, we want to draw your attention to some pertinent items. Please see our “IT Update” section for more detail.

This edition also touches briefly on other interesting topics. However, we have purposely kept the bulk of this newsletter about the new website launch and what to expect during the transition to the new site.

We will be sending further instructions for you to adapt your HomeLink listing to the new site after the launch.

Finally, please take note of our new contact information found at the end of this newsletter.

We hope you enjoy our newsletter and welcome any feedback you may have.



    From your friends,

               Karl & Katie

                  at HomeLink USA


HomeLink USA News

Just a Reminder…

 HomeLink USA’s Referral Discount:
More than 1 in 3 new members join HomeLink as a result of talking to existing happy members. To thank those members who take the time to discuss HomeLink in detail with friends and colleagues, we extend a 10% Referral Discount off your HomeLink renewal fee. So, next time you recommend HomeLink just ask your friend/colleague to enter your name in the ‘Referred by’ field on their new subscription form.

This applies to each new member you have referred, so you can accrue the discounts, potentially resulting in a free-year’s membership!

It is important that your referrals enter your name in the field provided on the HomeLink new subscription form; so don’t forget to remind them of this important step.


HomeLinker Stories…

Please click the following link and enjoy reading what these longtime members have enjoyed for over 25 years with HomeLink.

 Enjoying HomeLink Through The Years


Helpful Hints…

Proper Etiquette While on Exchange: Use of Exchange Partner’s Computer:
Below is the link to a cautionary tale about offering your computer for use by your Exchange Partner. We certainly do not want to advise against offering your computer for use. However, it is important to set ground rules and to respect those set by your Exchange Partner.

Home Swap Computer Etiquette


 HomeLink International News

 IT Update…

Please read through this section carefully as this will help prepare you for the launch of our new website.

First and foremost, we want you to rest assured we will keep you informed every step of the way!

Once the new site launches, you will have immediate access, however, we encourage you to wait until you receive further notice from us with instructions for the transition to the site. This effort toward a “Staggered launch” will allow for an efficient handling of any unforeseen glitches that come with any new site immediately post-launch.

Below are a number of items to be aware of before the launch:

  1. Scheduled downtime for launch: The site will be down (not accessible for corresponding &/or editing) for approximately 48 hours during the transition to the new website. We will send a brief email to you soon, informing of the exact dates for this downtime.

During this time, you will be able to access your messages and Exchange Agreement Forms for reference-only. This abbreviated version of the website will be available at Again, we will inform you of the downtime dates as soon as they are known.

  1. Staggered Launch: As stated above, although you will be able to access the site immediately post-launch, we ask that you wait until HomeLink USA’s scheduled access date. We will let you know this access date as soon as possible and on this date, we will send you instructions for logging in and adapting your listing to the new site.
  1. Messaging System: Your current messages at our internal messaging system will not transfer to the new messaging system due to an entirely new messaging system platform. However, we will maintain a “HomeLink Legacy” site (mentioned in 1. above) that will contain all your current messages along with your Exchange Agreement Forms and photos.

Again, this abbreviated “Legacy” site is for reference purposes only. You will not be able to correspond through this site, nor create/complete an Exchange Agreement Form. Therefore, please take this time before the launch to finish any open correspondence with other HomeLink members &/or complete any open Exchange Agreement Forms.

Please note the Legacy site will remain until we are confident our members no longer need it.

  1. Login Change: The initial login must be done using your current HomeLink email address, so please be sure to take note of the email address you currently have on file with HomeLink.
  1. New Website Instructions: On HomeLink USA’s scheduled “access” date, you will receive step-by-step instructions for login and adapting your listing to the new site.
  1. Pre-launch preparation for your HomeLink Listing: All of your listing’s descriptive text should transfer to the new site. However, if you have large amounts of descriptive text for your listing, we recommend you take this time to copy/paste/save this text into a separate text document (ex: Word) at your computer. This will help ensure a smooth transition to the site.
  1. Following our forthcoming instructions for the new site: It is very important that you do not ignore our request to update your listed home details on the new site, otherwise your offer may not display as being active. Again, more details will be sent to you shortly.
  1. Karl & I will be available to help you through every step of the transition to our new site. As always, never hesitate contacting us with any questions you might have.

Phone: 800-638-3841

End HomeLink Connection

Fall 2014

HomeLink USA
Karl & Katie Costabel
1501 S Ocean Dr #601
Hollywood, FL 33019
Toll Free: 800-638-3841

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